Frequently Asked Questions
Project land extent area?

12.7acres total land extent & 3.12 acres for Phase I.

How many Residential Plots in the project?

262 Residential Plots

Types of Residential Plots 1BHK, 2BHK & 3 BHK?

All types of Residential Plots are available with different area in sq.ft

What is the minimum budget starts from?

Budget from Rs. 15 Lakhs from 65 Lakhs.

Any Negotiation in the cost?

Not much, Everything is based on your requirements

Area of the land and Constructions?

We have the plot extent from 900 sqf. to 3000 sqf. And also ten types of Residential Plot plan are available with us ranging from 600 sq.ft. to 2500 sq.ft

How about the customisation of Residential Plots as desired?

Only the minor change that too only inside your flat not in the elevation.

What are the amenities in the project?

Required all amenities are available (List Enclosed)

How about the taste & table of ground water?

Taste of the water is good if you have the purifier then it is better and the ground water table would be 150 ft depth

How many feet the bore well is?

150” Depth

How about the overhead tank capacity?

We are providing RCC overhead tank with 1000 litres capacity.

How about the drainage facilities?

The drainage water would be go through the Chock Pit and the solid waste would be stay in the septic tank.

How about the septic tank facilities?

Providing septic tank outside of the house which has 2000 litres capacity.

How the maintenance will be executed for all the amenities?

After hand over first 6 month would be under builders maintenance, from 7th month onwards owners has to take care of it. We help you to initiate a formation of owners association for all maintenance.

What is the duration of my Residential Plot construction?

Minimum 6 months to Maximum 9 months

Whether all the amenities will be handed over at the time of whole project completion or phase by phase?

Road formation, Street Light, Park & Kids play area will be hand over early by phase II completion. Rest everything will be handed over at the time of project hand over.

What type of material / brands using for main door, windows, Bathroom fixtures & Kitchen Sink?

We are using only brand materials. Please read our specification to know the brand quality. (Specification Enclosed)

What type of flooring used & what is the brand?
  • Floor tiles are 2 x 2 size First quality brand
  • Kitchen tiles are 1 x 1
  • Bathroom tiles are 1 x 1
Brand name of Switch Board & Internal Wires?

ISO Quality Brand

Is there any customer choice in the tiles and paintings?

No, absolutely not.

Will you provide all the electrical fixtures or only provision?

We provide only electrical provision in all the necessary location as per our specification.

What are the materials / brands using for construction like Cement / Bricks / Steel?
  • JSW cement
  • Pulkit ISI standard
  • SteelPanruti Bricks
What is the wall thickness size for internal & external?

Internal wall thickness is 4.5” & External wall thickness is 9”

What is the roof slap thickness?

” 5 “

What type of foundation?

Isolated & Combined Footing

What is the pillar thickness & beam thickness?

Pillar thickness is 9” & Beam thickness is 14”

How about the bank loan, would you help us?

Yes, our project is pre approved by various banks ( Axis, LIC, ICICI, SBI & HDFC)

How about the service tax & registration cost?

Everything will be done as per the government norms.

What is the payment schedule?

Details enclosed.

If I pay extra would you provide me the separate compound wall for my Residential Plot / Modular kitchen?

Based on your requirement we will discuss with our project Manager and let you know the confirmation.

What about the power back up or UPS provision?

We are providing (UPS) Inverter Provision.

You will provide agreement for advance payment or else direct sale deed agreement?

We have the Sale Agreement before registration and Construction agreement in between us.

Before booking, Can I see the parent documents?

Oh yes, you can see but you can’t take away.

When will be the registration happens?

As per the process you have to complete your land registration within 30 days of time.